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Reckeweg R 13 Hemorrhoidal drops

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INDICATIONS Hemorrhoids, itching, pains, bleeding, anal fissures, anal prolapsus, anal eczema, plethora. MODE OF ACTION OF MAIN INGREDIENTS: Acidum nitricum: Stabbing in the intestine, splinter pain, sensation of constriction during defecation with persistent pain after stool. Aesculus: Dryness and burning of external hemorrhoidal mucosa (dark red prolapsing hemorrhoids). Dull pains in sacral region, venous stasis. Collinsonia canadensis: Venous congestion in the pelvis, obstipation, flatulence, hematogenic hemorrhoidsGraphites: Constipation, glairy lumpy stools, flatulence, anal eczema, itching. Hamamelis: Varices, bleeding, hemorrhoids. Kalium carbonicum: Backaches, flatulence. Hard stools, burning anal node. Lycopodium: Meteorism, flatulence, dry stool with incomplete defecation. Hematogenic hemorrhoids with prolapse and anal spasm. General hypochondria and dyspepsia, constipation, abdominal plethora. Paeonia: Wet hemorrhoids, painful anal fissures. Sulfur: Remedy with extensive effectiveness, anal redness, itching, exzema, unhealthy skin. DOSAGE - Generally 10-15 drops in some water 3 times daily. In acute pains, in the beginning of the treatment, 10-15 drops 4-6 times a day. After complete disappearance of the affliction, continue a treatment with 10-15 drops once or twice a day for a longer period of time. - It is of great importance to regulate the stools at the same time, in case of constipation. Therefore, laxative nutrition should be recommended for breakfast and supper such as: cooked fruits, linseed, green peas, ryebread, sourcrout, yogurt etc. Constipating foods such as: white bread, cacao, starches etc., should be avoided. REMARKS - In simultaneous liver complaints, use also R7, 3 times a day 10-15 drops before meals, and twice a day 10. - 15 drops of R13 after meals. - In varicosity and venostasis: additionally or in alternation with R42. - In anaemia resulting from bleeding hemorrhoids: additionally R31. - Sacral back pain in women: see R50.

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